㉚ Outline of work on global warming

The number of international conferences that climate scientists meet has gradually increased. The GARP Commission has planned a series of large-scale "experiments" in collaboration with a wide variety of government and academic institutions. A prominent example is the GARP Atlantic tropical experiment conducted in 1974. Forty research vessels from 20 countries and a dozen aircraft collaborated to make extensive observations of the tropical Atlantic Ocean to investigate the flow of heat and moisture into the atmosphere.

In the climate system, the existence and impact of sea and atmospheric components have begun to attract attention. Living ecosystems, such as African forests and Siberian tundra, appear to be somehow an integral part of the climate system. However, little was known about the relationship between the Earth's biomass and the atmosphere.

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④ 「過去はうんこです?!」(YOIKO) から

 『What does it mean to satisfy yourself? The challenge is to keep remembering "everything is here right now". Then, I want you to access what you want to be. Then, since the energy "everything is here now" is first, you can access that frequency region.
So, first of all, please connect to the realization of your wishes from the state of "Now everything is here. I am blessed, thankful". At that time, the frequencies will click, so you don't have to worry about anything, and I'm sure that wonderful things will happen.』

 『You can't fullfill someone who doesn't fullfill you. First of all, please be happy. When you become your greatest ally, everything in the universe begins to move on your ally.』


  『The closer you are to the "zero state" now, the more data you will receive from the past. We share all past lives. If you want, you can download it.』

  『I wonder how much the company is investing to get 100 yen fast food coffee, there is a company that makes a paper cup by someone making a shift and preparing coffee from coffee beans I'm grateful that there are people who can bring me water.』

  『The five-dimensional earth, the world of Maitreya, and heaven are now here. Don't lie to yourself, fill yourself up. Let's do what we want to do.』


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㉙ Outline of work on global warming

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the International Geophysical Year (IGY, 1957-58) have started, but there is too little global data. JF Kennedy turned to this issue and called for international efforts and cooperation at the UN General Assembly for more accurate weather forecasting and weather control. 1963 WMO begins world weather monitoring. It has been useful for meteorological forecasters around the world by reading meteorological observation equipment, flying balloons for observation, and analyzing satellite images.

The International Council for Science (ICSU) has negotiated with the WMO to jointly establish the Gratuitous ARP (GARP). The main purpose was to improve short-term weather forecasts, but it also included climate research. The number of international conferences that climate scientists meet has gradually increased. Swedish climatologist Hunt Borin, chair of the GARP Organizing Committee, is highly regarded for his efforts to organize climate research internationally.

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⑭ ある牧師の話

兄が二人と妹がいましたが、 長男は太平洋戦争で出征し、

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㉘ Outline of work on global warming

Fossil fuels are exposed to intense snooping. When the administration recommended the conversion of domestic energy from oil to coal during the 1973 energy crisis, some lawmakers argued that renewable energy would reduce CO2 emissions and be very effective against the greenhouse effect. Compared to many economic, political and international issues, it was not a weight to weigh.

The goals of friends within the meteorologist community and bureaucracy remained unchanged, with more funding for research and a better organization. Partly due to the efforts of the Climate Research Commission established by the Academy of Sciences, Parliament passed a bill on the National Climate Law and established the National Climate Program Headquarters within NOAA. A step forward was made, but the authority was weak and it was not possible to obtain a sufficient budget.

Scientists and scientific bureaucrats have found better opportunities in the international community. Efforts (internationalization) by groups of multiple countries will have a stronger influence on senior governments in terms of funding and other issues.

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英単語 動詞 h

handle 取り扱う
hang 掛ける、絞首刑にする hang around ぶらつく hang in there あきらめず頑張る hang on
しがみつく、辛抱して頑張る hang up 電話を切る
happen 起こる happen to たまたま~する It happens that 偶然~である
harden 固める、かたくなる
head 先頭に立つ、率いる、を向ける、ヘディングする、向かう
have do not have to ~する必要はない have got ~を持っている have got to ~しなければならない
have to do with ~と関係がある
hear hear about (of) ~について聞く hear from ~から便りがある
help 役立つ、手伝う cannot help しかたがない cannot help~ing ~しないではいられない help oneself to 自分でよそおって食べる Please help yourself ご自由にお召し上がりください  May I help you? いらっしゃいませ、お手伝いしましょうか
hold 手に持っている、~を保つ、所有する、持ちこたえる、持続する hold back (感情を)抑える、ためらう hold down 抑える hold on しばらく待つ、電話を切らずに待つ hopld out さしだす hold up 持ち上げる、支える catch(get) hold of をつかむ
honor 名誉を与える
hope 望む hope to ~したいと思う hope that ~だとよいと思う
howl うなる、遠吠えする
hum 鼻歌をうたう、ハミングする、ブンブンと音を立てる
hunt 狩りをする、さがす、狩る hunt my key 鍵をさがす
hurry 急ぐ、急がせる hurry up せかす、急がせる
hurt 傷つける、害する、痛む

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㉗ Outline of work on global warming

The mass media's turmoil over environmental issues such as the drought that broke out in the early 1970s finally gave climate scientists the opportunity to take action on the government. Calculations and data that convinced them that climate change could occur much more rapidly than were thought just a decade ago further fueled them.

First, the National Academy of Sciences established a Commission on Climate Change. Warned of the dangers of climate shifts and proceeded with the implementation of climate research plans. The government has begun drafting legislation to improve organizations and funding in this area. A parliamentary committee has begun its first ever hearing on the issue of climate change. Scientists have emerged one after another to testify that increased CO2 can be devastating.

Climate forecasts were not at a reliable level to support movements to encourage changes in national energy policy, but CO2 emissions and heavy coal use could lead to climate deterioration. Scientists were worried, and bureaucrats were beginning to understand the fact that CO2 emissions have economic and political implications.

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英単語 動詞 g

gain 得る、増す、儲ける gain on に近づく
gasp あえぐ、息を切らす、はっとする、息をのむ

get 手に入れる、受け取る、取ってくる、を理解する、(病気に)かかる、乗る、(ある状態に)する、なる、~を~させる、着く get to ~するようになる get+過去分詞 ~される get across 横断する get along 仲良くやっていく、暮らしていく get around 広まる get at ~に手が届く、意味する get away from ~から逃げる get away with を持ち逃げする get back 取り戻す get back from ~から戻る get back to に戻る get down 降りる get in に入る、(車に)乗る get into の中に入る、乗り込む get off 降りる get on (列車、バス、飛行機などに)乗る get out 外へ出る、取り出す get out of から出る、降りる get over 乗り越える get rid of を免れる、取り除く get through 切り抜ける、(試験に)合格する get together 集まる get up 起床する

give 与える、(ある行為を)する、(会を)開く、支払う、渡す、を述べる give advice/give abow/ give a hand /give a kiss / give a look/ give a nod /give a push / give a shout/ give a sigh/ give a smile / give a try / give him a call
give away をあげてしまう give back 返す give in to 降参する、従う give off 発散する、においを出す give out を配る、発表する give way to 道を譲る、負ける

go about 歩き回る go across 渡る go after の後を追う go for ~しに出掛ける go off 立ち去る go on が続く go on with を続ける go over を越える go with とよく調和する go up to に近寄る go without ~なしで済ます

govern 治める、支配する、管理する
grasp しっかりつかむ、握る、理解する
grant 許可する、~だと認める take~for garanted を当然のことと思う
greet に挨拶する
grieve 深く悲しむ
grin にやりと笑う
grind すりつぶす、研ぐ
grip しっかり握る
groan ぶつぶつ言う
grow 育つ、増える、 (+形容詞)~になる grow up 大人になる、成長する
growl うなる、ぶつぶつ言う
grumble ぶつぶつ言う、ゴロゴロ鳴る
grunt ブーブー鳴く、ぶつぶつ言う
guarantee 保証する
guard 見張る、注意する
guess 推測する、~だと思う
guide 案内する、指導する

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㉖ Outline of work on global warming

In 1970, a group appeared calling for the establishment of a centralized institution, "NASA of the Sea," to consolidate scattered marine science research funding, and scientists worked with the U.S. government to research programs on the ocean and the atmosphere. An organization (US Marine and Atmospheric Administration (NOA)) was born that integrated the research of. However, the focus of NOAA was on important marine resources such as fishing grounds, and atmospheric science was stuck in an ambiguous state.

Climate scientists sought an organization and source of funding for themselves, but it was difficult for civic groups (climate scientists) to draw out new government plans. They must develop a coordinated approach to bureaucrats who are entrenched in the bureaucratic way, reach the public and create partnerships with like-minded bureaucrats.

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